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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 13 The End

Mind Ripper has been an adventure that I hope you all have enjoyed reading.
I am unbelievably sad to say that as of yesterday, the story has come to an end.

He met this lady, less than a week ago; he says he likes her a lot
The love he felt for me all this time, he says now he does not
I still love you he says, but no longer in love am I
I'm bored with all this he says; I want to give something new a try

He's 21; she's 29 nearly a decade older than he
What in the world could she possibly have for him to choose her over me?
13 months of trials and triumphs and just last week I love you's were exchanged
How could his feeling for me in less than a week have changed?

He was my sunshine my angel sent from God above
I prayed and prayed for the right one, the one meant for my love
Could God be so cruel so cold and vicious
To answer my prayers then take away my wishes

I prayed for our love, and was given a peace of heart, of soul and of mind
This peace was given to me by my Lord have I really been so blind?
I just can't imagine a God so mean to give me a peace about our relationship
And then to take it away and leave my heart shredded in strips

So I ask all of you for your prayers that our love be mended once again
For there is power in prayer and I truly believe we are meant to be
Together, forever

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