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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

27 down, 4 to go

When I signed up for Nablopomo I thought I may have trouble thinking of things to post every day but surprisingly enough it's been fairly easy. Granted one or two posts were paid reviews but a post is a post and I try to those posts relevant by tying them into something that's happened in my life so it's not just a boring review.

Well today is the 27th. I've only got 4 more days to go and I've finally hit a block. I have absolutely no idea what to post about today lol so I guess I should warn you this may ramble a bit.

I would update you on the
Yahoo Personals thing but there isn't much progress there. I've been messaging back and forth with a few guys but so far nothing super exciting to write about.

Speaking of messages, if I get one more e-mail from Publishers Clearing House it had better be to tell me when to expect a knock on my door from someone holding a BIG CHECK!

And speaking of checks, I finally received my stimulus check and it was not what the IRS website calculator said it would be. It said I should have received $600 and I got $300. Hey $300 is better than nothing but I am going to call to find out why I received the lesser amount. At least I was able to clear up the mess I made of my checking account when I mistakenly
penciled in the stimulus deposit before I actually got it!

I posted a while back about joining the gym and getting motivated about losing the weight that I've gained thanks to Hypothyroidism and PCOS. Well I'd been doing really well until last week. The entire week was a total bust. I didn't go to the gym, I didn't watch what I ate and as a result I feel like total poo. It's amazing how much your body thrives exercise once you start doing it regularly. I was all ready to get up this morning and go. I had my gym bag packed and my workout clothes laid out on the chair and as luck would have it I woke up with a horribly sore throat and a killer head ache so I didn't go. I'm walking today after work though if it kills me!

On another note, if you've been reading my blog for a while now you know that I signed up for PayPerPost and SocialSpark a while back. Both are ecommerce sites that pay you for blogging. Well since March 12th I've completed 6 posts for PayPerPost and have made $60. I've completed 6 opportunities for SocialSpark and have made $35. That's almost $100. If I include the 2 posts I've done for Sponsored Reviews and Smorty I have made over $100 to do something I'd have done anyway and the more opportunities you accept, the higher your rating goes, the more opportunities become available to you. It is something that takes time and diligence but making money online is definitely possible.

Well it's about time for me to head out. I have a dr's appt today so I'll be leaving early. How great is that. A 3 day weekend then only a half a day when I do come back!

Hopefully something super interesting will happen before today is out so you'll have more intriguing reading material tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

You know I've heard of PayPerPost, but not of SocialSpark. My husband thinks that I should sign up for it, since I blog anyway. Glad to know there is someone out there making money :)