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Friday, May 30, 2008

Rah Rah Ree.. Kick 'em in the knee

Rah Rah Rass.. Kick 'em in the.....

Other Knee!!

I was going to blog about something serious today that was probably going to rile some feathers but while I was out at lunch I saw something that both amused and perplexed me at the same time so I thought I'd write about it instead.

As I was driving down the street a van passed me on the right with cartoon looking stickers all over it..

The back of the van said Mascot School and training available!

I'm sorry Mascot Training?

I'll admit, I never really thought about who comes up with the costume you see the guy dancing around in the stands wearing at the baseball game. It makes sense that there is a company somewhere that designs and sells those get ups. But a company to train the person wearing it?

I mean seriously, how hard can it be to jump around and act like an idiot for 5 minutes every half hour or so? Maybe the training is to teach them how to be able to see out of the eye holes and walk without falling down or running into someone/thing.

When I was in high school we had a Pirate Mascot - we were the Pearl Pirates - and I don't ever remember any uhh training going on. They just asked for volunteers and had a try out. I guess the try out was to see who could be the most groovy in the costume. Our Pirate had a Huge head. I think we had a guy do a cartwheel or hand spring in it one year. I was impressed.

So what do you think? Is there some difficult task a mascot performs that I'm overlooking? From what I've seen being a mascot requires only a few skills.

- Ability to wear a super hot pile of fur or material for long periods of time and not pass out.

- Ability to dance like a fool (that doesn't necessarily translate to being able to dance well)

- Know that when the kid starts screaming it means you're scaring him. Back off.

- Ability to throw a few t-shirts or balls via slingshot from the ground to the stands.

Did I miss anything??

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