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Monday, May 12, 2008

If these pants could talk...

What would they say???

Do you have a favorite pair of pants that you'd wear every day if you could? Mine would probably be a comfy pair of dark wash jeans I bought about a year ago. I'm actually wearing them now. Nice thing about dark wash jeans is they can be "dressed up" and worn to work. I'm all about the comfort.

If you're anything like me and you're probably not (I'm pretty boring) a day in your pants would be pretty tame. The following in the voice of my jeans is a day in the life of my pants. (The deeply suppressed southern in me almost came out and made me type britches instead of pants! Ack!!)

All day and night I hang in the closet until finally it's my turn to be worn. My owner, she's so organized, picks me out the evening before then stuffs me in the bottom of her gym bag. I always get shoved on the bottom under her shirts and underthings so as she pulls everything out at the gym I come out last, and go on first. Well second.. underthings and all you know.

So all night and into the early morning I wait, it's pretty dark in that bag ya know. There are shoes in here too so it doesn't always smell so great. After she works out and showers, I get put on. Then it's off to work we go. Let me tell you, that girl has one boring job. It's sit, sit, sit, sit alll day long at a desk. She gets up maybe 3 or 4 times during the day. You'd think she was chained to her desk. Ugh.

At 5pm we finally get to go home. Back in the car and on our way we go, and let me tell you something. I'm all about being a conservationist and saving the planet, but my owner, miss thing who wears me, it's like she doesn't know the 2007 Taurus she drives comes with an AC. Nooo we have to drive with the windows down and feel the wind in our hair. Psh.. She's not the one suffering from the sun beating down at 42332 degrees plus melting myself to her legs.

After the sweltering ride home it's off I come, back to the hanger and in the closet. Oh whatever, you know you wear your jeans more than once before you wash them. It's not like I do anything all day to get dirty. All in all I have to say it's not a bad life, although I do wish she'd get a clue (hello Stacy & Clinton!) and stop wearing me with flip-flops. I've got a bit longer leg than she and that dragging the ground all day really frays my hem!

By now you're probably thinking I'm suffering from sleep deprivation or something to be writing about my pants. You'd be partially right, I am exhausted, tossed and turned all night, but the reason I'm righting about my pants is Dockers is currently holding this commercial contest and they've asked for the general public (that's you!) to participate. To enter you can go to The rules are simple. Just tell the story of what a day in the life of your favorite pair of pants would be like, turn it into a video and submit it. The winning video will be aired on NBC during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

As boring as a day in the life of my pants is, writing that was actually pretty fun. You should try it! I don't have anyway to record mine as a video but if you do you should enter! Then when you're famous and they ask you what made you decide to enter you can say oh.. I read about the
Dockers contest over on the "Crazy Cat Lady's" blog. Then millions of people will come read my blog and click my ads and I can be like Dooce and make enough money blogging to work for myself! Yay!!


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