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Monday, May 12, 2008

Diamond engagement rings are a girls best...

Blah and humbug.

So I totally blew the NaBloPoMo by not posting yesterday. I know it's just one day, but I really wanted to say YaY Me! I did it!! I posted every single day for an entire month!!!

So why didn't I post? Well, yesterday was a blah day for me. It was mother's day and pretty much everyone in my family is a mother except me. That makes me sad. I also watched a sappy movie Saturday night that put me in even more of a funk because it was all lovey and happy ending and well, I've been single for quite some time now and it's finally got to the point where it really sucks. So everytime I sat down yesterday to post all I could think about was my broken dreams. Uplifting huh?

It's also been a blah month because May 5th would have been my 8th anniversary. Not wedding anniversary but the anniversary of the day my ex-fiance and I met. I was so close and well.. I guess God has other plans. Hopefully better ones!

I have to admit I was one of those girls who (secretly) dreamed of having a beautiful fairy tail wedding. Why secretly? Well because I'm not a girly girl and fairy tail weddings are definitely girly. I'd found my perfect dress in a magazine when I was like 12. I tore the page out and put it in a folder. I still have that picture. Times (and thank God fashions) have changed and I'm not so sure I would wear that dress now lol but then.. it was perfect.

When I was engaged the dressed I ended up picking out was much simpler. So was my
engagement ring.

My ex fiance and I went together and picked our rings out. We were well uhh not so wealthy and put them on layaway. My tastes have always been pretty simple, I don't like big extravagant diamond rings that cover the whole knuckle. I have a dinner ring that my grandmother left me that is covered in diamonds. It's huge. I won't wear it, it makes me nervous.

I was looking online today to try and find a ring that looked similar to both the engagement ring I had and the dinner ring my grandmother left me and found

I honestly never thought about buying an engagement ring offline. To me half the fun is going and picking it out with the person you love, but has so many features that it's almost like going in a store. You can actually build your own ring. You can hand (mouse) select every feature from the band, to the setting, color, size and cut of the diamond(s). Now I don't know much about cut, color or clarity, but this site makes it so easy. It even has this neat little sliding scale so you can pick your price and carat range. Here's a screenshot.

They carry a wide variety of diamond engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. They offer extensive customer support, and education (which a gal like me could use) on all the things you need to know about picking out the perfect diamond, and the site is 100% secure. I'm looking over all the features as I type this and they even have a scrolling Jewelry News section on the front page. I just learned how to keep my pearls (if I had any) clean and polished.

The overall look of the site is not helping with my blahness. It's very sweet, and just screams... LOVE. OK so that's a good thing, I'm just being grouchy.

Maybe next time (hey miracles do still happen) I get engaged I'll used to pick out my ring. They have a 30 day return policy so that means my future fiance only has a month to screw up then he's stuck with me. Or well maybe not but at least I'll get to keep the ring!

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Roberta said...

Face it, it can only happen when the time is right (for all concerned).