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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ewww Poopoo

I know umm gross right?

Well I'm sorry I just had to share. I talked to my sister this morning and my niece Marley, who just turned 2 in April has officially decided that she's too big to wear diapers. My sister, (who will heretofore be referred to as T) has been doing a bang up job of potting training.

She bought Marley some of those big girl pull-ups and now Marley has to be convinced that she tee tees when she sleeps just so T can put a diaper on her at night.

Marley is such a princess. She loves to play outside but HATES to get her hands or feet dirty. She has about 23423 pair of little flip flops and if she gets so much as a spec of dirt on it she'll take it off and bring it to you to clean it off- duwty, its duwty, she says.

She hasn't quite realized that it's not the shoe that's dirty but her feet, and walking across the yard barefoot, holding her shoe in hand is not going to help. She'll also walk up to you with hands out fully expecting you to sacrifice your pants leg or shirt hem for her to wipe them on if she gets something on them. She has a sandbox in her backyard. This happens quite often.

So she's quickly made the correlation that poopoo makes her booty dirty and is therefore absolutely not acceptable. T said that Mar (we call her Mar), I don't know why parents even give their kids full names anymore if they're only going to use a portion of it. Thankfully I was only ever Moll to one guy friend of mine in high school.

Back to what I was saying.. T said Mar came to her the other day and was like poopoo momma poopoo!! So T put her on the potty and there was the tiniest smudge of poo on her pull up like she'd been trying to hold it. So my sister put her on the potty and she pooed one tiny little poo ball. That's it. All done. My sister was like.. dang Mar, you could have just done that in your pull-up. Well like duh that would be defeating the purpose of potty training mom, and then you wouldn't have to stop whatever you were doing to run her to the bathroom. Sheesh.

I read that as I was typing and thought.. ok it's official. I've fallen among the ranks of mommy bloggers everywhere who talk about poo on their blogs. I apologize to all my readers who have no desire whatsoever to read about poop lol.

I guess I need to start a club for Aunty bloggers huh. Aunts (and Uncles) who talk proudly about their little nieces and nephews adventures in poo'ing.

Yay Marley!!

Sigh.. they get so big so fast don't they?

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