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Monday, May 05, 2008

Blood and guts and death Oh My!

Horror Movies

Some like them, some don’t.

I’m one of those that do.

Now I’m not talking about some lame you know its fake but jump at the screen anyway Freddie Kruger stuff. I’m talking about, omg this kind of stuff is really out there and I’d rather have my head chopped off in one fell swoop than imagine that happening to me kind of horror films. I’m much more into (and disturbed by) movies that portray some semblance of reality than I am by those that lean toward trying to be scary in more of a fantasy or sci-fi manner.

Frontier(s) can be if not safely then at least securely placed in the former category. It’s about a gang of young thieves who flee Paris during the violent aftermath of a political election, only to hole up at an Inn run by neo-Nazis.

I’ve watched the
trailer to this movie and it’s sick. Sick in a, this is horrible and I really should look away but can’t seem to turn my head type way. My mom has always told me I had a morbid side. I used to love watching this show on the discovery channel called The Operation, and I had no trouble whatsoever watching it while eating a big gooey plate of spaghetti. Mmm nothing like slurping noodles covered in tomato sauce while watching some one’s intestines being rearranged. Sweet.

Frontier(s) is most definitely a horror film I’d watch. It’s right up there with Saw and Hostel in general grossness and body mutilation. No strike that, it goes way above and beyond those movies. It opens May 13th and is only showing in a
few select locations. That totally has me bummed because one of those locations is Detroit, and I’d be able to go see it if I still lived in Michigan. Pout.


Apparently the fact that this film is unrated is causing a bit of controversy. I can understand that to some extent. Not having a rating means that there are no clear cut recommendations as to the age group that should or should not be allowed to watch the film. It also means that parents and ultra-conservative types the squeamish may decide to go see it (or allow their kids to) and end up seeing much more than they’d like or think “appropriate”.

I’d personally not allow anyone under the age of 18 in this film, and that’s just from the previews I’ve seen. It’s extremely violent, contains nudity, and what could be called sexual content. It’s also in French with English subtitles so even if you don’t clearly make out what all is being said around the screaming, you can read it on the screen. No escaping the nasty in this film. So if you're into gore and guts like I am, and if you're lucky enough for it to be playing in your area go see it, and try not to come back and tell me how awesome it was.

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