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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Becoming a Social Bloggerfly

Just in case you didn't get it... that was a play on words.. social butterfly, blogger.. bloggerfly.. hehe.. get it.

A social butterfly I am not, nor am I likely to ever be. However I am well on my way to coming out of my shell, bloggically speaking.

I've only been consistently (avidly is such an exuberant sounding word) blogging since February and have already come to meet so many interesting people. There are just soooooo many blogging networks out there that connect you to people who have the same interests, ideas, dreams as you. There are also just as many who are polar opposites, but they're interesting too.

I've always been something of a wallflower socially speaking. I prefer to stand back, watch and listen. Blogging has become sort of my way of getting off the wall so to speak.

What's all this rambling about social butter/bloggerlfies??

Well I've recently signed up on this great new sight called
SocialSpark. It's one of those sites that allow you to make money blogging, or as IZEA calls it social media marketing. You sign up (it's free), register your blog, and once you're approved begin surfing opportunities.

One thing I find really cool about
SocialSpark is that unlike other blogging revenue sites that close out an opportunity once so many people reserve it, if you select an opportunity and it's not currently available for whatever reason you can select "wait for slot" and it puts you in a sort of queue. So once that opportunity is available again you get an email notifying you. I've only been signed up for about 2 weeks and have already accepted 3 opportunities and have had all 3 posts approved!

Another really nice feature they have is what's called blogUback or blog exchange. It's fantastic if you want to bring more unique visits to your blog. You can accept or create opportunities for other bloggers to review your blog, or mention something on their blog that you wrote about on yours. It's basically free blog publicity. You link their blog on your post and they'll do the same in return.

One of my favorite profiles on the site so far is The Mom With Brownies. I know I'm not a mom (yet) but I love the mommy blogs. They're always so funny and moving and Shelly's blog is no exception. I'm especially drawn to the blogs of adoptive parents (which she is) since that's likely the only way I'm ever going to become a parent.

It's all a very honorable way for consumers and companies to get input on their products and/or sites and the folks at SocialSpark plan on keeping things that way! Click to read more about their code of ethics.

My dream of becoming a problogger is on it's way to becoming a reality! (and I'll be able to recoup some of the loss from the mishap in my next post!)

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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