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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She comes with a blog

So I've been thinking. I posted the other day that I'd signed up for Yahoo Personals. Yes I know I'm crazy. But think of all the fun you'll have reading my adventures in dating. Of course that's saying I get asked out on a date. Hey, stranger things have happened OK!

What I've been thinking about is the combination of dating and blogging. I've not yet been on a date (it's only been like a week, cut me some slack!) but I do have tentative plans to meet someone weekend after next for coffee. Why so far out? He lives in MS I live in AL. I usually only go to MS every other weekend. Yes he could come here, blah blah I didn't ask and he didn't offer. Signing up on the site is about as pro-active as I get, I'm not pushing it.

Anyway, blogging and dating. I've read a few blogs that post about their dating mishaps adventures and sometimes they exploit share some basic info about the people they go out with. There are a few hilarious ones on my

What I'm wondering is; Do the bloggers tell their dates that they have a blog? Do they ask them if they mind being talked about on a venue that hundreds or possibly thousands of people mayread? Or do they warn them, oh hey, ya we're going out and umm well don't be surprised if like I tell 3,571 people what I thought about your outfit, or the spinach in your teeth, or that you have a really nice ah.. you get the point.

I imagine some people wouldn't mind having their lives broadcast around the world. Ok maybe only certifiable lunatics like you know us people that tell our entire life stories on the internet but hey, we're a growing breed! Then again I'm sure most would rather not have their personal details shared with anonymous masses via the web.

So should I tell the guys I guy out with on the first date I blog? Or should I just put a disclosure statement in my profile?

I thought something like this might go over well:

I'm Mollie,,, etc so on. blah blah I like..this and that.. the usual self exploiting lingo here. Then the disclosure

Oh! By the way. I have a blog. It's not like super super popular but quite a few people read it (only a few hundred a month) and uh well see it's like this. I talk about pretty much anything on my blog and I will most likely talk about you. It's not that I don't respect your privacy and your right to remain anonymous, it's just that well I'm a blogger and that's what we do. I can promise however not to post a picture of you, or your full name without your permission and I am warning you now so you can't say you didn't know. Right?

Anyway hope to hear from you soon!

What do you think? I think it will go over smashingly well.

1 People who coughed on a furball:

Roberta said...

Honey, if your only "secret" is that you blog, I'd say you're the perfect date. Good luck!