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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I say...Aaadriiiiaaaaaneeee

You say??


Every good movie has a catch phrase that makes it memorable.

Jerry McGuire - You had me at hello

Terminator - I'll be back

Top Gun - Maverick, take me to bed or lose me forever

Goonies - Ro-ckee road?

Demolition Man - bad example.. that entire movie was catch phrases.

When Harry Met Sally - ok I'm so not going to try and recreate Meg Ryans fake orgasm scene via blog post...

but you get the picture. Get it movie, picture.. haha I crack myself up.

Well, 26 years later the movie that started it all in ass kicking action is going to be back on the big screen.

"One War Against One Man"

Rambo First Blood came out in 1982 and John Rambo quickly became a household name. Thanks to Rocky 1 through... how many were there again?? Sylvester Stalone was already well on his way to super stardum. (In spite of being unable to understand about 40% of what he said).

I have to be honest. I've never seen Rambo.. First Blood or last. I've never seen Rocky all the way through either. I have seen a few of his newer more (to me at least) interesting movies. Demolition Man, Cliffhanger, Tango & Cash, umm ya I think that's it. Oh wait there was Over the Top.. that really sweet father & son bonding over arm wrestling movie.

It's ironic, as much as I absolutely LOVE movies, I'm guilty of having not seen many of the classics; Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Rambo. I may have to rectify that soon. On May 15th to be exact. That's when Rambo First Blood will hit theaters again for a
one night super event. It's only showing one night and at one time, 7:30pm. This time they're going to show an alternate ending that has dun da duhhh never been shown before and an exclusive interview with Rambo himself.

Fathom Events is hosting the big event and has set up a website for the release. There's a quiz where you can see how up to par you are on your Rambo knowledge or like me how much you don't know diddly about the movie. Even if you don't go see the movie you have to check out the website for the quiz just for this question.. I cracked up!!

What does Rambo throw at the helicopter to cause Art Gault to fall out?

A)Brick B)Rock C)Shoe D)Chuck Norris

I pick D!!!!

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